Gravitational Wave

Gravitational Wave is an immersive projection based interactive installation.

The installation is consists of four projection walls that display blackholes generated by custom written computer algorithms. We employed industrial grade range-finder laser scanning sensors and transformed two standing walls into touchable screens. The result is a space filled with black holes that can be moved by hands. Once two black holes are close enough, they form what is called a “binary black hole” system. The two black holes would revolve around each other and ended in a merging event that emit a gravitational wave. We use code and design tools to simulate this stunning, and rare celestial phenomenon. This installation provides a fun playful experience while encourage everyone to learn about the physics knowledge behind it.


Utilizing industrial grade rangefinder laser scanning sensors, we transformed the standing walls into touch screens, allowing users to drag and move the black holes around and trigger more “binary black hole” merging event.


We strike to maintain a level of physical accuracy in the simulation and cultivate curiosity along play.